Microsoft will launch claud Office 365

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Just a week later, on June 28, Microsoft will launch a cloud service, Office 365. Monthly fee of 6 dollars to 27 users can use a selected set of office applications, was announced in the press and internet websites. The most complete version of the package includes applications from the familiar set of Office, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, electronic and voice mail, internal social network, voice and video conferencing program to exchange instant messages and more. The service offers access to desired applications from any device and from anywhere with an Internet connection. Office 365 is the stage of beta testing since last year.

Problem with Outlook and Out of Office

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The Microsoft Outlook usually gets problems with Out of Office. I got several problems in the company I’m working in, that users cannot open Out of Office and when trying to start it, the Outlook is blocking. Really terrible problem and users are getting quite nervous, when trying to start Out of Office. The problem is simple and solved quite easily. The way is to follow the procedure:

1. Open Start and then click on Run

2. Write regedit in the box, which appear

3. Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then go to Software – Microsoft – Office.

4. Delete the folder registry 11.0 (if using MIcrosoft Office 2003) or 12.0 (if using MIcrosoft Office 2007)

5. Start Outlook again. It should start as first run and should get setting again.

Microsoft Outlook switches

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Quite important and useful are the switches of Microsoft Office Outlook. I learned for them from administrators of E-mail Server of the company I’m Working on and can tell that they are solving quite easy some of the hardest problems I had met. TO start Outlook with switch after it, you should open Start – Run and to write outlook.exe / Following switches are possible:

/CleanClientRules – Starting Outlook without client Rules

/CleanServerRules – Starting Outlook without server Rules

/CleanProfile – Removing regstries of the user and optimising the ones if possible

/Cleanpst – open Outlook without loading of PST files

/FirstRun – Starting Outlook as first time run

/ResetFolders – Reset Outlook system folders (quite useful in problems with names)

There are some other switches but I did not found them useful at all.

Problem with TIFF files association after SP3 update

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After installation of Service Pack 3 we noticed that there is a strong problem with associations of files with TIFF format. This problem exists to all updates and patches, and can be solved by associating the TIFF files again. To do this you can follow the procedure:

1. Mouse right click on the TIFF file

2. Choose Open With…

3. Select program, which you use for opening of TIFF files – Microsoft Document Imaging

4. Choose the selection in from of “Always Open With…”

5. Click

Exchange 2003 does not work with Office 2007

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If you are using Microsoft Exchange 2003 for your office or home maybe you will meet the problem, that users will not be able to configure their mailboxes with Microsoft Office 2007. This problem exists and the simple decision to update Exchange Server usually do not work. If you want to continue going ahead with latest technologies, you should made the following procedure to configure your Outlook:

1. Install Microsoft Office 2003

2. Configure Microsoft Office 2003 with Microsoft Exchange 2003.

3. Install update from Microsoft Office 2003 to Microsoft Office 2007.

4. Configure Microsoft Office 2007 with Microsoft Exchange 2003.

This procedure is quite simple, quite easy and you can do it to have e-mail using Microsoft Office 2007.