How to protect our computer from viruses

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When it comes to security and protection from viruses, worms, spyware, malware and other creatures that slow computer performance, change your home page and more. it is better to take preventive measures to keep it clean. Most viruses from entering your computer or files downloaded via USB flash drives. And while such programs are useful Superior protection with built impede access (HIPS) as a free SpywareTerminator, let’s see how things are in themselves browsers.

Mozilla Firefox has a built-in modules to protect the browser from visiting dangerous sites, opening side windows and more. Explorer has the Smart Screen Filter – which is good to incorporate by: Safety -> Smart Screen Filter -> Turn On. On the other hand own search engines and google rely on networks of third-party websites for the classification and prevention / warning the user about potentially dangerous sites.

Here are easy techniques to protect the popular web browser Internet Explorer. Its built-in setting security levels by default are left in a manner allowing the computer to become vulnerable to the aforementioned “viruses”. To protect your browser needs to change its Security area.

Setting up new Security Levels of IE

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Open Internet Explorer and give the Tools-> Internet Options. Then select the above tab Security, and click on the Custom Level. Scripting menu change to Disable the following: Active scripting, Allow paste operations via script, Scripting of Java applets, Download signed ActiveX controls, Download unsigned ActiveX controls, Initialize & script ActiveX controls not marked as safe, Run ActiveX controls & plug-ins, Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting, Access data sources across domains, Allow META REFRESH, Allow paste operations via script, Scripting of Java applets. – At a glance see where ActiveX – give them closed (disabled). It definitely acts as a kind of firewall in front of the aforementioned creatures.

This will help you to protect your computer from viruses, malware, spyware and other worms, which delay the work of the computer and will make your system unsecure. Definitely it is quite complicated how to protect your computer at all, because the only way is to remove it from internet, but increasing the security is quite important and will stop a lot of viruses.

Opera launched beta version of Barracuda

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The Norwegian company Opera Software, developer of the eponymous browser, has released a beta version of Opera 11.10, known as code name “Barracuda”. There are three main innovations in the product.

First, Oper has changed the nature of the express panel with pages opening a new blank tab. So far, it contained a network of miniature screens 2 × 2 3 × 3 4 × 3, etc. The new version screenshots are collected in a multi-band, which can be scaled – decreases and increases. In resolution 1440 horizontal pixels in such a floor fit the screen of nine web pages. The number of columns can be 2 to 5.

Second, Barracuda comes with a new system to load the plugin Adobe Flash Player. When a user visits a Web page that requires flash player plugin is uploaded automatically in the background, without any manual operations.

And thirdly, Opera 11.10 UA includes a new kernel, which increases the speed of operation, supports Web Fonts Web Open Font Format, gradients, multiple columns and other features. Support is also available in compressed format WebP, proposed recently by Google.